Summary of the program

The Advanced music production program is the Paris Conservatoire’s Master program that teaches everything dealing with sound. Every year, eight new students join our program to become Musicians/Sound engineers. Depending on their profiles, they will work as recording, mixing, mastering and live engineers, tonmeisters, artistic directors for classical music, producers and arrangers for pop, rock, jazz, composers for film-scoring, and programmers for contemporary music composers.

During four years, we get to learn how to write music (harmony, counterpoint, arrangement, orchestration, piano practice), how to read and analyze music (music theory, musical analysis and culture), how to apply sciences to music (digital audio, acoustics, signal processing, auditory perception), and other challenging scientific stuff.

Of course we also work hard on sharpening our ears. We first have practical classes the eight of us together, then we are grouped by four, two, and finally we get individual classes. We try every microphone at every location and experiment beyond our imagination limits, on both acoustic and amplified music.

We get classes in editing, mixing and mastering to become Pyramix and Protools experts. After four years, you should be able to recognize frequencies and to give ProTools shortcuts instantaneously if somebody wakes you up in the middle of the night…In fourth year, we carry out internships in studios, with labels, and in live venues to enhance our professional network. Finally, we graduate after writing and presenting a Master’s thesis, and defending our sound portfolio in front of a jury. To get more information about the program, please click here.

In parallel, we have many opportunities to practice recording inside and outside of the Conservatoire, for personal and for school projects. The Conservatoire offers a wide panel of highly-skilled classical musicians, but we also invite artists and bands from every horizon to record jazz, pop, rock, hip hop or metal.